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Welcome to Youngstown

Welcome to Downtown Youngstown sign in foreground; ground-level city scene in background

View City Snow Removal Status

Screenshot of SNOWPATHS snow removal status app w/ map of City, marked current positions of plow trucks, and marked streets that have been plowed

The City of Youngstown Street Department is now able to communicate snow removal status to the public via the SNOWPATHS application (see link below), from Smart Planet Software. SNOWPATHS displays on a map the current location of all active plow trucks and the streets that have been recently plowed. Plowed streets are color-coded to indicate how long since they were plowed.

Youngstown SMART2 Network

SMART2 logo and artist renderings of proposed project design

The Youngstown SMART2 Network will connect Strategic & Sustainable, Medical & Manufacturing, Academic & Arts, Residential & Recreational, Technology & Training centers in the heart of the Mahoning Valley region, by enhancing mobility, improving safety, and integrating technology into a modern and efficient multimodal transportation system in Downtown Youngstown that is responsive and adaptive to the needs of current and future users.

SMART2 will incorporate improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities, autonomous transit shuttles, transit waiting environments, green infrastructure, streetscaping, and wayfinding connecting major regional destinations that include Youngstown State University, Mercy Health, Youngstown Business Incubator, Eastern Gateway Community College, and WRTA Federal Station.