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Changes to City Services due to Coronavirus

During the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, all critical Youngstown City services will continue. However, City Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, Parks & Recreation Garage, Street Department, Traffic Sign & Signal, Waste Water, Water Engineering, and 20 Federal Place office locations are closed to the public until further notice, with limited exceptions. In addition, the Municipal Court building is operating on a reduced and restricted schedule (more information below). Be sure to keep track of City meeting cancellations by consulting the City Meetings & Events Calendar (opens in new window).

Photo of City Hall entrance

Service Change Details

Youngstown City services will continue under the following conditions:

City Hall & Health Department

  • Youngstown Water Department Customer Service will be open for all transactions, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. A maximum of five customers will be allowed in the lobby, masks are mandatory, and temperature checks will be administered.
  • Effective July 20, 2020, the Youngstown Water Department will resume our standard collections procedures, which include disconnection for nonpayment.
  • Youngstown Water Department will temporarily cease the in-home water meter change-out program.
  • The issuing of all other City department permits is temporarily suspended.
  • Any trash at the curb that is not bagged or in a City supplied trash cart or a personal trash cart will not be picked up.
  • Vendor Invoices can be emailed directly to the Finance Department at In your email, please indicate if you will accept payment by purchasing credit card without a fee. This process will expedite receiving payment.
  • The Vital Statistics Division of the Youngstown City Health District (Youngstown Municipal Court Building, 9 West Front Street) is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please call (330) 743-3333 for an appointment.
  • The Reproductive Health and Wellness Clinic at the Youngstown City Health District (Youngstown Municipal Court Building, 9 West Front Street) will be open by appointment only. Call (330) 743-3333 to schedule an appointment.

Parks and Recreation Department

  • Parks Pavilion Rentals: Cancelled until further notice.
  • Parks Outdoor Pavilions and Restrooms: Closed until further notice.
  • Northside Pool: Closed until further notice.
  • Splash Pads: Closed until further notice.
  • Eugenia Atkinson Recreation Center: The Center is open only for Fitness Room access; the gymnasium is closed.
  • Playgrounds and Playground Equipment: Closed until further notice.
  • Basketball Courts: Closed until further notice.
  • Workout Equipment at all city parks: Closed until further notice

Police Department

  • The media/news hook will be available in the 1st floor outer lobby.
  • If a police report is needed, please call the information desk at (330) 742-8926.
  • If a towed vehicle release is needed, please call the Accident Investigation Unit: (330) 742-8946
  • If you need a copy of a police report, please call the Record Room at (330) 742-8907 or (330) 742-8934
  • When possible, police reports will be taken over the telephone. Copies of police reports will be emailed or mailed to the requestor.
  • If you have any other questions, please call the police desk at (330) 742-8926.

Fire Department

  • Fire inspections performed on any buildings, daycares, foster homes, etc. are temporarily suspended.
  • If a fire report is needed or you have any other fire department related questions, please call the office of the main fire station at (330) 747-7403 ext. 0.

Youngstown Municipal Court Emergency Operations Plan

  • The Youngstown Municipal Court is now open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Those who enter the building must be listed on the court docket for that particular day.
  • Only the person scheduled to appear and their court representative, if applicable, may enter the building.
  • Witnesses in civil and criminal hearings whose presence is necessary for the effective administration of justice will be granted entry into the Court.
  • No guests are permitted on-site.
  • A face covering is required to appear in Court and in the Youngstown Municipal Court Building.
  • If you have a case pending in Youngstown Municipal Court on the criminal, traffic or civil docket and your case was reset by the Court for a later hearing date due to COVID-19 during the months of March, April and May and your address or phone number has changed call 330-742-8868.

The Youngstown Municipal Court will hold limited in-person hearings beginning June 8, 2020 for the following types of cases:

  • All Traffic Court initial appearances and misdemeanor arraignments are being held in Judge Carla J. Baldwin’s Courtroom. Individuals who received a summons by mail must appear on the date listed.
  • All video arraignments will be handled by Judge Baldwin.
  • All Preliminary Hearings will be handled by Judge Renee M. DiSalvo.
  • All civil hearings including limited Evictions and Garnishment hearings will be held In Magistrate Anthony Sertick’s Courtroom.
  • For those in custody at the jail, arraignments will continue to be held remotely by video.

Youngstown Municipal Court

Court Administration - (330) 742-8824
Judge Baldwin's Court - (330) 742-8855
Judge DiSalvo's Court- (330)742-8853
Magistrate Sertick's Court - (330) 742-8857

Clerk of Court

Fax- 330-742-8786
Small Claims/Eviction Cases - (330) 742-8866
Parking- (330) 742-8846
Civil Cases - (330) 742-8863
Criminal Cases - (330) 742-8860

Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout the duration of the coronavirus emergency.