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YO! Program

The City of Youngstown invites you to become a featured local business on the YO! app, Youngstown's newest initiative to boost sales at local businesses.

Powered by the creative experts at Colu and sponsored by the City of Youngstown, the YO! app rewards residents and visitors for shopping at Youngstown's local businesses. Rewards come in the form of City Bites, the City's local reward points. Each City Bite equals $1, and it can be easily redeemed at your local business.

YO! logo with subtitle "Keep It Local"


Fill out the form below to participate in this initiative. Note that your business must have a storefront or engage with customers directly, within the city limits of Youngstown.


For any questions, feel free to contact us:

Marketing Media

Local media outlets and Youngstown businesses are invited to make use of the following marketing materials: