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Public Notice Details

Reminder to Report Changes in Status or Address

This is a reminder to:

  1. Update your address with the City when you move. In order to update your address, you need to complete a Data Sheet and submit it to Finance. You can get a Data Sheet from your department or Finance.
  2. Report all changes in family status (marriage, divorce, birth/death of dependent, etc.) to Marti Kane in the Risk Management Dept., if you are on the City’s health insurance. You have 30 days from the date of the event to do so. Failure to report such changes will result in: you re-paying the City for premiums paid unnecessarily (full premiums, not 10%); or delay in adding spouse/children until open enrollment.

Please contact Marti Kane at (330) 742-8969, or via e-mail, if you have any questions.