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Youngstown Water To Distribute Lead Awareness Kits

“Healthier YOUth” lead awareness kit, including 10 cup pitcher with lead filter, children’s water cup, and lead awareness information.

Lead Awareness - May 16, 2023

As part of a comprehensive lead-in-water mitigation effort, Youngstown Water has partnered with Healthy Babies Bright Futures, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering parents to keep their children safe from neurotoxic chemical exposures that harm brain development.

The City of Youngstown won a competitive grant of $15,000 from Healthy Babies Bright Futures’ Bright Cities program, one of just four cities nationwide to do so, and is using the funds to provide “Healthier YOUth” lead awareness kits to homes with babies and young children.

“Healthier YOUth” kits include:

  • One 10 cup capacity water pitcher with a long-life, replaceable lead filter.
  • One children’s water cup.
  • One Youngstown Water lead awareness brochure.

The components of the “Healthier YOUth” kit combine to provide a point-of-service solution to allow tap water to be used for drinking, cooking, and mixing baby formula, without worrying about lead exposure.

“Little by little amounts to a lot,” said Kyra Naumoff Shields, PhD, Bright Cities Program Director. “We are thrilled to partner with Clarksville, Flint, Pine Bluff, and Youngstown to support and share city-lead strategies to reduce lead exposures among babies and families, because no amount of lead exposure is safe.”

Youngstown Water has also formed a partnership with Akron Children’s Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, and the Youngstown City Health District to identify recipient homes for the “Healthier YOUth” kits.

“Healthier YOUth Kits have been an important addition to our resources to give our families awareness and a healthy option in reducing lead in drinking water,” said Erin Bishop, Health Commissioner, Youngstown City Health District.

The $15,000 grant will provide for the purchase and distribution of an initial batch of 100 kits. However, plans are being made to continue the program, purchasing and distributing new kits and replacement filters.