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1st Ward: ARP Funds Spark New Homes Off Glenwood Ave.

YNDC Executive Director Ian Beniston (left) and Councilman Julius Oliver (right) near one of the rock formations on Bernard Street.

ARP, City Council - February 9, 2023

The subsidized development of three new homes highlights a $725,000 project under way in the Glenwood Corridor with the support of the City’s American Rescue Plan funds.

Managed by the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., this effort aims to encourage additional investment and home ownership near the north end of Glenwood Avenue, across the street from the Volney Rogers field and tennis courts.

Some $600,000 will subsidize the development of three new homes on Bernard Street, which runs east off Glenwood and has been closed by barricades for several years.

“It’s a location we’ve been interested in developing for a very long time,” said Ian Beniston, executive director of the YNDC. “It’s right across from Volney Rogers, only a stone’s throw from downtown and close to 680."

“We want to build the houses at the highest point, so they’ll have backyards with the view. Bernard Street has some attractive rock outcroppings and the feel of a cool, natural space.”

The subsidy will close the projected gap between the market price of the houses and the cost to build them. YNDC will build the homes, then put them up for sale.

The project also includes acquiring and clearing lots, upgrading sidewalks and curbs, repairing a low-income resident’s home on Glenwood at Bernard, and other improvements.

Over time, the City and YNDC hope to elevate the housing market in that area, as is being done in other neighborhoods in the City.

The project funding is part of $2 million allocated to the 1st Ward and sponsored by Councilman Julius Oliver.