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Civil Service Job Application Process Goes Online

Screen capture of the City of Youngstown Employment Portal

Civil Service - February 22, 2021

The Youngstown Civil Service Commission has recently converted its employment application process over to an exclusively online experience, via the service, provided by NEOGOV®.

In addition to listing posted employment opportunities, the service allows registered users to be notified via e-mail when positions in desired job categories are posted. Registered users may also build a core application that can be used when applying for future positions, reducing the user's time spent entering data. Visit the Employment page (see link below) to view and explore this new service.

While currently limited solely to civil service employment opportunities, the service may potentially be used in the future to accommodate the employment application process for the City's non-civil service and seasonal job postings, as well.

The Youngstown Civil Service Commission is dedicated to hiring and maintaining a highly qualified workforce. The Commission oversees the hiring, promotions, appointments, transfers, and layoffs of civil service employees, for both the City and the Youngstown City School District.