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Councilman Julius T. Oliver

Mr. Julius Oliver is the First-Ward Councilman in the City of Youngstown, Ohio, and as a resident of the City, lives a life of service and leadership. As a teenager Oliver volunteered with his church, and upon graduation, he joined the United States Army to further his service to the country and his community. For six years Oliver served as a member of the Army’s Engineer Corps.

In 2008, Oliver started Kingly Hand Wash and Wax, a full-service car wash. Today, the business has multiple locations and betters the community by giving citizens returning to the area a second chance at employment.

Oliver began his term as First-Ward Councilman in January 2016. Although being a councilman has kept him busy, Oliver says, “The best part of being a councilman is the opportunity to listen to the people in my neighborhood and serve their greatest needs.”

Oliver has received the Black Diamond Leadership Award and First Ward Councilman Award as a result of his positive attitude and aptitude for service. As the second half of his term begins, Oliver is taking time to learn about other cultures and other communities to ensure he is serving his constituents effectively and efficiently. He knows that education is very important for the success of all people and wants to continue to grow as a councilman and lift up the people around him.

Councilman Oliver currently serves on the following Committees of Council: General Improvements, Building & Grounds, Parks & Playgrounds, Off- Street Parking, C.D.A. and Education.

1st Ward

Julius T. Oliver

Councilman Julius T. Oliver

Term Began: January 1, 2020
Term Ends: December 31, 2023
Phone: (330) 259-6158
Fax: (330) 742-8707
26 S. Phelps St.
City Council, 6th Floor
Youngstown, OH 44503