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7th Ward Neighborhood Impact Area

Map of streets and blocks at the focus of the 7th Ward Neighborhood Impact Area

A Neighborhood Improvement Area has been designated for the 7th Ward. The target area is bounded by Kent Avenue, Neilson Avenue, Loveland Road, East Midlothian Boulevard, Louise Avenue, Pointview Avenue, and Shields Road (see map link below).

Over the month of June, multiple City departments will tend to a number of outstanding issues in this designated area, including:

  • Waste Water: Repair (2) catch basins-corner of Pointview Ave. and Sheridan Rd.
  • Water Department: Paint and check hydrants. There are approximately (23). No damaged hydrants.
  • Public Works: Possible Road resurface and or repair on Pointview between Irma and Sheridan Rd.
  • Street Department and Demolition: Grass cutting on vacant lots. Pothole repair if possible.
  • Demolition: About 4-5 structures.
  • Community Police Division and Code Enforcement: Inspections, QOL tickets and Vehicle issues.
  • Litter Control: Cleanup of tires, trash, etc.
  • Health Department: Community Health Tent.
  • Park Department: Dead Tree removal @ 1928 Pointview. Side walk cleanup with skid steer brush if available.
  • Clean up Pointview Gardens (corner of S. Heights and Sheridan) with direction of Councilwoman Adamczak, and Neighborhood volunteer group.
  • Traffic Engineering: Repair or replace (2) STOP Signs @ corner of Pointview and Sheridan. Possible board up of (3) structures.