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Participate in Lead Testing - Earn up to 100 Dollars!

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Youngstown, we need your help with lead and copper testing!
Participating in Lead Testing can earn you up to $100 off of your water bill, this year!
Contact the Youngstown Water Department at (330) 884-6005 to find out how to participate or for any lead-related inquiries.

Lead enters drinking water primarily because of the corrosion of materials containing lead in the water distribution system and household plumbing. These materials include lead-based solder used to join copper pipe, brass and chrome-plated brass faucets, and in some cases, pipes made of lead that connect a building to the water main (service lines).

Lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children. Lead in drinking water, although rarely the sole cause of lead poisoning, can significantly increase a person's total lead exposure, particularly the exposure of infants who drink baby formulas and concentrated juices that are mixed with water.