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Whiteway Lighting Assessments


Whiteway Lighting assessments are levied annually per City Ordinance against lots and lands bounding and abutting upon various streets located within the City of Youngstown to help defray the cost of high intensity lighting. Invoices are mailed to property owners of record during the second quarter of the current year. Property owners are given at least 30 days to remit payment directly to the City of Youngstown to receive a 5% discount. All payments received and/or postmarked after the due date will be returned to the property owner and will be considered unpaid. All assessments and installments remaining unpaid after the due date will be certified to the County Auditor by the Clerk of Courts, as provided by law, to be placed on the tax duplicate and collected as other taxes are collected.

If you received a Whiteway Lighting Assessment and are not the owner of the parcel of land referenced, please return the bill along with notation to the City of Youngstown Department of Public Works, 26 S. Phelps Street, Youngstown, Ohio 44503 or e-mail to so that we may update our records.

To assure payment is applied properly, please detach and return the bottom portion of each bill along with payment to the Director of Finance, City of Youngstown in the envelope provided.