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Health Insurance Dependent Eligibility Audit-Program

The City of Youngstown will be conducting an eligibility audit of all dependents currently enrolled in the City’s health insurance plan. The City has contracted with a third party, HMS, to conduct this audit. On November 19, 2020, HMS will begin mailing questionnaires and information to home addresses of all employees who have dependents on our coverage. If you receive a notice/request from HMS, you are required to respond directly to HMS by the deadline in the correspondence. Please see below, and read attachments, for more information.

The City of Youngstown Dependent Eligibility Program

We are all aware of how important it is to have adequate health care coverage. We also know how expensive paying for health care can be. Part of our job is to keep costs down so we can maintain a competitive health care plan for all employees. We need to make sure that only those dependents whom are eligible are the ones being provided with coverage. National averages show that each dependent’s health care costs exceed $4,500 each year. Covering dependents who are not eligible raises our cost for benefits, which is reflected in the premiums deducted from your checks.

In an effort to control these costs, we have retained the services of the highly recommended independent firm, HMS, to assist us with completing a dependent verification of our plans. They are known for their professionalism, confidentiality and sensitivity to employee needs and concerns. I am confident this process will ensure that we are covering eligible dependents in a fair and equitable manner.

If you have a dependent enrolled in the City of Youngstown’s medical plan, you will receive a letter from HMS. The letter will detail the steps and information required to keep coverage on your enrolled dependent. You will also be asked to submit evidence of eligibility directly to HMS.

In preparation of the Dependent Eligibility Program, please review the attached document (Dependent Eligibility Flyer) to ensure you have access to the required documents to validate your dependent’s eligibility. Also attached is a page of FAQ’s regarding the process.

When you receive any correspondence from HMS, please read it carefully as there are specific due dates when certain information needs to be returned. Failure to follow the instructions could result in loss of coverage for your dependent.

Detailed eligibility information, as well as a toll-free customer service number, fax number and customized web address will be included in the upcoming correspondence from HMS. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions or need additional information.

Thank you for helping us manage our plan expenses so we can continue to provide health care at a reasonable cost!