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Coronavirus Update (4-2-20)

From the Office of the Mayor:

As you are aware, Governor DeWine has dispatched National Guard units across the State of Ohio to assist in the fight against COVID19. That dispatch includes Guard assistance in Youngstown and the greater Mahoning Valley.

The men and women who have been mobilized are performing vital logistical tasks like distributing supplies and scouting sites for mobile hospitals. These additional mobile hospitals will be able handle overflow patients. The National Guard is coordinating with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and Ohio Department of Health to accomplish these goals.

These efforts are part of the Governor’s expanded plan to slow the spread of COVID19 and treat those affected. National Guard mobilization is a regular aspect of disaster relief in this country. While the COVID19 outbreak may be a different sort of disaster than hurricanes and tornadoes, it is no less destructive.

National Guard units will not be performing any law enforcement duties in Ohio. The Youngstown Police Department is now—and will continue to be —our city’s law enforcement team. As always, the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Highway Patrol stands ready to help all local law enforcement.

These are unprecedented times, but we will get through them together and be a stronger community for having weathered this storm. Stay home except for essential errands. Stay safe when you do need to go out. Life will return to normal. Please be kind to one another.


Contact: Erin Bishop, Health Commissioner – 330-742-8260