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SMART2 Progress - Front Street

Left: Completed bike lanes, sidewalk, and landscaping on East Front Street, looking east from South Champion Street; Right: Excavation of bike lane and sidewalk area on West Front Street, looking west from Market Street.

Public Works - October 4, 2022

Construction work on the eastbound side of East Front Street is nearing completion. Bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaping, and streetlights have been installed. Concrete crosswalks are 50% finished at the South Champion Street and South Walnut intersections, as it has been necessary to maintain north/south traffic on these routes. Once the concrete has sufficiently cured to handle traffic loads, the other half of the crosswalks will be constructed.

Excavation work for the corresponding bike lanes, sidewalk, and landscaping on the eastbound side of West Front Street has begun. All crosswalks have been constructed and eastbound traffic has resumed on the paved traffic lanes.

Construction on Front Street, between Vindicator Square and South Avenue, is part of Phase 2 of the SMART2 project. These blocks have been redesigned to be safer and more accessible for users of multiple modes of transportation, including motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Project design features include the following:

  • Road Diet: Reducing the existing 5 vehicular lanes to 1 in each direction, plus left turn lanes, as needed.
  • Bi-directional protected bike lanes (south side of street), with landscaped amenity strip separation from eastbound vehicular lane.
  • Sidewalk improvements, including landscaped amenity strip separation from westbound vehicular lane.
  • Safety and aesthetic improvements to crosswalks.
  • Energy efficient and aesthetic street lighting.